6 Useless Organs Our Bodies Keep For Some Reason


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Just like the song says, our bodies are a wonderland. There’s so much complexity, so much intrigue, and also, so much history. There are those who are strongly averse to the notion of evolution. However, our very bodies provide proof that we were not “born this way.”
To be exact, we were born this way, specifically, but our ancestors weren’t. This proof lies in organs such as these on the list, but not limited to. Some of these are considered vestigial organs, or else organs with no remaining use.

Wisdom Teeth

Courtesy: Rebecca Partington/Flickr

Photo From: Rebecca Partington/Flickr

Wisdom teeth do not contribute to a person’s wisdom. They are also very troublesome as they don’t seem to know their place. Wisdom teeth often need to be pulled out due to all the chaos and pain they cause the third of the population that they torment.
Some say wisdom teeth are residues from when people were herbivores, however humans were never strictly herbivores. Some anthropologists say that these teeth were a great help with rough, unprocessed foods, like leaves, nuts and, yes, meat.
Wisdom teeth get their name because of the developmental stage at which they appear. That is to say, near adulthood – a time when a person is considered wiser, relatively to him/herself.


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