8 Popular Songs That Are Actually Promoting Rape


Jamie Fox and T Pain  – Blame It (On the Alcohol)

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The grating thing about this song, the thing that should convince you to take this seriously, is that several rape victims have said that certain lines from Blame it on the Alcohol have been said to them by their rapists as the crime was being committed.
Blame it on the goose
Got you feeling loose
Blame it on Patron
Got you in the zone
Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol
First of all, we can’t ignore the fact that, like in Cold Outside, this guy is relying on inebriation to make the woman make a decision she wouldn’t otherwise make. He’s planning how the alcohol will get him what he wants.

“But she don’t wanna seem like she easy” – How lovely that he knows her better than she knows herself even though they’ve probably just met. Because, of course, what do women know?? And what woman in her right mind would possibly say no to you??
“Don’t lie now” – And if she says she doesn’t want you – guess what? She’s lying.



You don’t even care now
She has now so much alcohol in her system she doesn’t know up from down. Perfect.
I was unaware how fine you were before my buzz set in, before my buzz set in….If the courts ask, I was drunk too, so I can’t be guilty of anything, right? I’ll hide my planning all this ahead of time and…

(T-PAIN !)

Pain, how appropriate a name, as it’s actually painful to read this. Perhaps some empathy should be shown toward the poor guys who are so intimidated by fully functional human beings they need to make sure never to meet them. Must have really low self-esteem. Then again …


Girl I know you feel good
Dancing like you look
Couple more shots you open up like a book
I ain’t trippin? (cause I’m a read ya)
Shawty I ain’t trippin? (I just want to please ya)
I’m a take a shot of nuvo
Shawty then you know
It’s goin? down we can go and kick it like judo (judo)
You know what I mean
Shawty got drunk thought it all was a dream

Pause. Take it in, she was so drunk she couldn’t diffrentiat between dream and reality. He, however, knew what the reality was, and he found the situation to his liking, and took full advantage.

“She look my dead in the eye, eye eye” – Dead? Yes, there is something dead there.

“Then my pants got bigger” – Because death is so sexy…

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