Can You Live Without Food? Meet The People Who Can…


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There are people in this world who claim that food, or physical sustenance, is not necessary to live. They believe that you can train your mind to live off of energy itself, what they call Prana.

sunrise by Howard Lebowitz

There’s nowhere with more Prana than nature • Photo From: Howard Lebowitz

Before addressing the question of whether or not this claim – which seems impossible – is real, one must ask themselves, “why?”

Why would someone want to live without food? It’s delicious. In fact, it’s more than something that keeps us alive, it’s a social activity, and in many cases a cultural staple. It does so much more than just keep us alive, so even if you could, why would you give it up?

Some of those who claim to have “purged” themselves of the need for food, return to it nonetheless, claiming it was the craving for taste that brought them back to it. They said that they didn’t feel the hunger, they just missed food. Others, who have maintained the path for years, say food was never a big part of their lives, so they don’t miss it at all, and others still claim that the lifestyle is worth the loss.

Unless you’re a breatharian, you still have access to some flavor.

There are different groups among those who live off Prana, and they are not all the same – despite some basic similarities.

The most extreme are Breatharians, as human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova claims to be. These do not eat or drink. They live purely off the energy of the world, called Prana.


Then there are Pranic people who do not eat, but they do drink. Not a lot, and mainly things that taste good, as this is their connection to the world of flavor. A skeptic might claim this is where these people truly get their nourishment, as they could possibly consume a fruit shake, or soup – both of which contain caloric values. However, the amount of calories found in the beverages are not high enough to explain a healthy body. The intake by one such Pranic person who was interviewed could stand at about 300 cal. a day. The man was 1.9 m tall, energetic and, according to blood tests, healthy. For reference, dietitians say that the minimal human intake should stand at 1,200 cal. per day – and even that is only if accompanied by little to no activity and a small body, not a man 1.9m tall.

Sungazers are a group that believe the energy doesn’t come from everything, but from the sun. Reminiscent of Superman, they gain strength from the sun’s rays, which they believe is most available during sunrise and sunset.


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