9 Child Stars That Accidentally Rose To Stardom


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Here are 9 celebs you know well, but probably don’t know how they became famous. Some actors and singers seek out a career on the screen or the stage, and others such as these, had no real intention of ever really making it big. Call it beginner’s luck or sheer fate – these 9 have made it big, accident or not.

Drew Barrymore (11 Months Old)


Talk about serious street cred. As of today, Drew Barrymore has 66 acting credits to her name, and she can thank her years in Hollywood all to a dog bite! Yeah, in her first audition for a dog food commercial, Drew began to laugh after a dog on set bit her. The crew was sold, Drew got the part, and decades of her charming and moving audiences thus ensued.

Drew’s 1st Leading Role In Stephen King’s Firestarter


The next kid posted songs on YouTube and became a huge star!


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