9 Incredibly Positive U.S. Trends That Show America Is Already Great


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How about some nice, happy news for a change? There aren’t any you say? Well, there are always positive things to report. In fact, we found 10 U.S. trends which are beyond fantastic, and we are pretty sure most of you would want to know about! So take a read, and know that America is pretty great already. Whew.

Healthier Kids

2 kids healthy

For some reason American children are still seen as fat and overweight with a culture obsessed by fast, greasy food as well as tons of sugary sweets. But over the past 10 years, a federal health survey has shown that child obesity rates have plummeted 43%. Michelle Obama’s MyPlate initiative as well as other awareness programs have helped change the trend, and today millennials simply don’t care about bad food. They want real and healthy! What a blow to advertisers.

A very green trend is up next!


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