Mass Murderers Living Large


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In every society, there are those who live large, and those who struggle, those who fly high and those who flounder. Except that it’s all an illusion. Those flying, aren’t flying. They are standing on a tall pile of people who are struggling under their weight, being pushed down into the muck.

These “flyers” are standing up in the heavens, with the wind in their hair and the ground nowhere to be seen, almost convincing themselves that their arms truly are wings.

But wings are not a tool at their disposal. They have reached those altitudes by using the tools that are at their disposal, including hope, money, lies and a complete disregard for who they harm or kill in the process.

If one was to take a step back and look at what was happening, they would see a never-ending Black Friday stampede, with bodies piling up.

“You Are Not Cannon Fodder”

Courtesy Breve Storia del Cinema/Flickr

Photo From: Breve Storia del Cinema/Flickr

We seem to live in a society that has decided that there is worth in caring for those in need. Indeed, in the US, the average person has accumulated more possessions than a noble in mediaeval days.

But we can’t tout that accomplishment forever, and the laws of relativity should be judged by today’s standards, and observed through today’s countries.

A person living without electricity was once completely normal, but no longer. A person going hungry was once a common affair, but no longer. Those in power were once in their right to lie, rape and kill those under their command.

Today they have to lie to do it, but make no mistake, they do it. For things to change, it is paramount that the weakest members of society gain true strength, and that strength lies in knowledge.

You Reap What You Sow?

Corporate magnates are making names for themselves through their charitable acts and donations, erecting foundations with humane purposes that strive to better the conditions of the poor and weak. They promise to care for the needs of the common man – the consumer, their clients. They portray themselves as socially and morally conscious, but is it real?


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