23 Mind Blowing Space Images You’ve Never Seen Before


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From 1969 until 1972, NASA was behind six successful lunar landings. It was the 1969 Apollo 11 mission which is the most famous with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin taking those historic first steps on our neighbor’s surface. Here below are 23 photos taken during the Project Apollo, some of which you probably have never seen before. Nearly 50 years later, we are still blown away by the images captured.

Window Seat

1 window seat - Copy

Everybody is always fighting for the window seat on the plane so that they can enjoy the view from 39,000 feet. Now imagine being able to look out over Earth from space! What a thrill.

First Image Of The Whole Earth Ever Taken, 1968

Continue reading for more amazing images taken by the astronauts who first landed on the moon!


1 | 24

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