11 Of The Greatest Minds Of Our Time & Their Favorite Drug


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Drugs are given a bad rap: they destroy minds, ruin lives, and lead in general to only death and destruction. But history has also shown us examples where drugs have led to moments of sheer genius. Otherwise, we have also known of those famed minds who have openly spoken about their use of drugs for recreational purposes. These 11 stars of academia, sports, and entertainment all have or had their drug of choice, and the world has certainly benefited greatly from their “creative” contributions.


Steve Jobs – LSD


How else do you think up such ingenious products? Jobs’ buddy at Reed college has stated that “they were on a quest to better understand consciousness using an LSD varietal known as Orange Sunshine as their Sherpa.” Jobs then went on to alter the course of consumer technology so we’d have to say he had definitely found the right path.


With Partner Steve Wozniac In College. Good Reasons To Smile

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