11 Stars You Didn’t Know Had To Go To Rehab


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The pressures stars face are well known, as well as their consequences. It is not exactly surprising news when we hear of a celebrity who has headed to rehab to address an addiction or other issue. But here are 11 stars you may not have ever known had to deal with such problems. All of them are definitely better off today for making the decision to go and clean up.


Selena Gomez

Selena checked herself into rehab in 2014, setting off a bevy of rumors and questions about why the actress had to go. Her rep insisted it was not drug related, but one source confirmed that the star had been partying hard and friends and family were getting seriously concerned. Selena’s parents were especially worried according to the source who also claimed, “Others very close to her also urged her to seek professional help.” The actress seems to have been fine since and continues a busy career.


Being Selena Gomez

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The next teen star covered his real addiction by saying he was addicted to alcohol!


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