9 Things That Are Absurdly Illegal Around the World


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Laws are an important part of every society. They keep people safer and hopefully better protected and prevent otherwise senseless actions and activities from taking place. But some laws out there simply seem beyond bizarre and not very useful at all, let alone relevant. Take a look at these 9 laws we found from countries all over the world.

Norway – Death

1 coffin

For whatever odd reason, bodies have trouble decomposing over in Longyearbyen, Norway. The issue was discovered some 70 years ago, and it created a bit of a health hazard for the town, and thus they came up with a new law: no dying in Longyearbyen. For those who are severely ill or near death, you will be taken by plane or boat to another part of Norway. One last chance for a trip, we guess.

The Beautiful City Of Longyearbyen. No Dying Here Please!

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