Top 10 Celebrity Bizarre Phobias


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Most people have some phobia, small or large. For those with serious ones, treatment is normally sought, and for good reason. We came across 10 celebrities who suffer from some rare and some rather confusing fears. We’re not sure if any medical counselling has been sought, but we wish them well and hope they are not made fun of too much.


Oprah Winfrey: Chiclephobia


Oprah doesn’t like gum. In fact, it is forbidden to have any chewing gum in her studios, and she throws away anything which has been touched by it. Kind of makes sense. Have you ever seen someone take their gum out and stick it on their plate before eating? It’s disgusting. And the gum which inevitably gets stuck on your shoe? Totally annoying. And then there is that annoying chomping! We’re with you Oprah!


Bubble Gum Wall in Seattle, Oprah Would Love A Visit

Continue reading for some of the most bizarre phobias we’ve ever heard of!


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